BitTorrent Sync Installation And Usage Guide (Windows)

BitTorrent Sync also known as Btsync is a peer-to-peer file synchronization program available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BSD. Btsync synchronises files between devices over the internet through encrypted P2P technology.

BitTorrent Sync encrypts data with an Advanced Encryption Standard AES-128 key, This key is derived from a ‘folder secret’ which can be set on different devices and computers to share data.

Installing BitTorrent Sync

When launching the installer you will notice the following screen where you can choose the installation location, whether icons are installed, or whether to open the program after installation. Make your choices and click Next to proceed.

BitTorrent Sync Installation Step One

Next you’ll be asked to allow BitTorrent Sync to add an exception to Windows Firewall and to allow BitTorrent Sync to automatically start when Windows starts. Leave both options checked and click Next.

BitTorrent Sync Installation Step 2

BitTorrent Sync is already installed on the seedbox, so you need to check the “I have a secret” Option and now you need to go to your download folder and copy your “Folder Secret” in the space provided and agree to the terms and conditions and click Next.

BitTorrent Sync Installation Step Three

If you know a particular folder you would like to sync with the seedbox Btsync folder you can enter it in the provided space and click Next.

BitTorrent Sync Installation Step Four

If you did enter a folder to sync in the previous step you’ll see this screen. The random number displayed is the “secret”. Each folder will have a secret that is specific to that folder giving you complete control over what is shared and who, or what, it is shared with. Copying this number into BitTorrent Sync running on other computers or devices allows the two to “find” each other and automatically sync files based on your settings. This pure simplicity and the “secret” is the magic of BitTorrent Sync. Want to securely share pictures with family and friends without involving a third party service? Send them your Secret! Want to backup your important files easily and automatically? Install BitTorrent Sync on another device or computer and enter the “secret”. Share files with your mobile device? Install BitTorrent sync and enter the “secret”.

BitTorrent Sync Installation Step Five

The setup routine will now give you a brief tour of the program, and I suggest you look at the screens provided as it will give you an overview of the program and help you understand how it works! The first screen shows the Devices tab of the BitTorrent Sync interface. Here it shows the Devices that are syncing, which local files are being synced with the devices, and the status of the syncing process. Click Next to proceed.