Kubuntu Desktop And X2Go

X2Go is an open source project which provides you with access to your desktop in a similar way to VNC windows. The X2Go software is free to download and can be downloaded from the link below. Download X2Go Software Accessing your desktop through X2Go is very simple, the first step is to click the session […]

How To Login To Your Server Through SSH With Putty

The first step is to download the free SSH client putty this is one of the most popular SSH clients and is incredibly simple to use. Once this program is downloaded you will need to login to your VPS or dedicated server through SSH for this you will need your IP address which was sent […]

How to reboot your VPS seedbox

This guide will walk through the basics on how to reboot your VPS seedbox, this guide is only valid for the VPS plans as we do not offer SSH access on the other plans. First of all you need a SSH client I recommend using PuTTY this program is a standalone executable and does not […]