Download Torrents Automatically with RSS

There is a large amount of content available on private BitTorrent websites these days. Generally you would go to your bittorrent website and look for the torrent you want to download, download the .torrent file and then add it to your rutorrent seedbox for download. You can now automate this process by using RSS feeds with rutorrent.

The advantage of grabing torrents this way is you are downoading torrents on your seedbox within minutes if them being release.

This tutorial will explain how to use RSS inside rutorrent  There are 2 ways to use RSS, the manually method and automatic.

I will explain the manual RSS process first.

Once the RSS downloader button is clicked in your rutorrent seedbox, the add feed box will appear as displayed below.

At this point you will need to add your RSS feed where it says “Feed URL” and give the feed a name where it says “Custom Alias” , you must use a download feed,  If you try to use a web feed, you will end up with problems. It is very important to note that some RSS feeds require cookies to use.  These feeds will require you to use the “cookies” plugin.

Once the feed has been added and named you can then proceed to click ok.

Now if the RSS feed loaded correctly rutorrent should look like the image above.

To manually download a torrent from the RSS feed, right click the torrent from the list and select the load option as shown in this screenshot

For the data to be downloaded into the default directory just leave the next box blank and click ok or you can fill out the window options like displayed below.

If the box “dont start the download automatically” is ticked the download will be added in stopped status.

The torrent should now be downloading in your seedbox like displayed in the image below.