How To Add Magnet Links To Seedbox

Magent links have have been around for just over ten years but most people have only just started noticing them, mainly since the PirateBay implemented them. And now that the webs first BitTorrent indexer, which depends solely on magnet links, has appeared many more people may find themselves wondering how these magnet links work and what are their advantages over the standard .torrent files, which are still in wide use.

Magnet links though are just URL links, they have no actual files attached to them just data. Magent links are developing URI standard to be used by really for sharing networks. They are different from standard URLs, in that they don’t hold information on the location of a resource but rather on the content of the file or files to which they link. Magnet links are created from many different parts which contain different data in no particular pattern. With torrents, they contain the hash of the torrent which is then used to search for other versions of the data among the peers. They may also have the file name data or links to trackers used by the torrent.

With magnet links, BitTorrent indexers don’t have to store any file at all, just a few parts of the data leaving the client application to do the majority of the work. Magnet links can be copied as plain text by users and shared through any source. For the indexer sites, the process is clear, using magnet links makes it harder for them to be accused of any illegal activitys in court. Really magnet links should not have any disadvantages for the users over .torrent files either.Download speed would also be increased as it would enable the clients to download from seeders who hold the same data but with modified names.

Adding Magnet Links To Your Seedbox

This is a very simple process first of all click the add torrent button in the top left hand corner of rutorrent.

Once this button is clicked a box will appear, in this box you need to paste your magnet link into the box which is labeled torrent URL

Now if you click add URL the magnet link will start to download inside rutorrent.