How to add torrents to your rutorrent seedbox

To begin adding torrents to your rutorrent seedbox, click the add torrent button, this is located on the top bar if you hover over the icon the add torrent text will appear.

This will open the following box.


You have two options for adding torrents
Add a torrent from a url If you know the url for the torrent you wish to download, you can just add it like shown in the following screenshot.

The other option is to add a torrent through direct upload of .torrent file

You might find it more convenient to download the .torrent file from your private tracker and upload to your rutorrent seedbox. If you prefer to do this, click the browse file button and simply browse to the .torrent file you wish to add, and click open. This should add the .torrent file, so now, simply click the add file button.