How To Login To Your Server Through SSH With Putty

The first step is to download the free SSH client putty this is one of the most popular SSH clients and is incredibly simple to use.

Once this program is downloaded you will need to login to your VPS or dedicated server through SSH for this you will need your IP address which was sent with your welcome email.

Start the putty program and enter your IP address in the box marked “Host Name (or IP address)”
this is dispalyed on the image below. We use the standard port so this does not need to be changed from 22. Once the IP address has been entered you can now click open.

Once you click open this will bring up a putty security alert this is completly normal, you can click yes and you will then be directed to the login screen which will request your username and password.

The screen will look exactly the same as below enter your username and password and you will now be connected to your server through SSH

Now you are logged into your server through SSH.