How to reboot your VPS seedbox

This guide will walk through the basics on how to reboot your VPS seedbox, this guide is only valid for the VPS plans as we do not offer SSH access on the other plans.

First of all you need a SSH client I recommend using PuTTY this program is a standalone executable and does not require installation.

Once you download and open the putty.exe you will be presented with the putty configuration screen as displayed below, on this page you need to enter your SSH port and VPS IP address which you recieved in your VPS details email.

Now you have entered the IP address and SSH port you can click open, if you entered all the correct details putty should now be asking for your login details as displayed below.

Enter your SSH login name

Enter Your SSH Password

You are now logged into your VPS through SSH, so all you need to do to reboot your VPS is to type without the quotes “sudo reboot” the system will request your password once entered the VPS will reboot, the reboot process can take about 5 minutes.