How to use the buttons and tabs inside rutorrent

Rutorrent Top Menu Bar

Rutorrent Bottom Menu Bar

Rutorrent Tabs

The Tab section displays all types of information, outlined below.

The general tab displays information for the torrent that is selected.
The files tab shows all files and folders for the torrent that is selected, and the download status of the files . You can use this tab to set the file download priority. This tab Can also be used to download through http if the Data plugin is installed.
The Tracker tab shows the tracker and any tracker errors for the torrent that is selected.
The Peers tab displays peer information and country flag for the torrent that is selected
The Speed tab shows a graph of torrent upload and download speed over the last few minutes.
The Plugin tab shows installed active and inactive plugins.
The Traffic tab displays per tracker, Traffic statistics per hour through out the day.
The Chunks tab displays which pieces of a torrent have been downloaded
The Logger tab displays errors and other messages.

State Section Explained

The all tab displays all torrents regardless of their status.
The download tab displays all torrents which are downloading and stopped but not 100% complete.
The finished tab displays all finished torrents seeding or complete.
The active tab displays torrents which are uploading or downloading.
The inactive tab displays torrents which are not uploading or downloading.
The error tab displays torrents which have received an error message from the tracker.