Kubuntu Desktop And X2Go

X2Go is an open source project which provides you with access to your desktop in a similar way to VNC windows.
The X2Go software is free to download and can be downloaded from the link below.
Download X2Go Software

Accessing your desktop through X2Go is very simple, the first step is to click the session tab which is located in the top left hand corner of the X2Go software. Once this is clicked go to new session.

Now in the new session window you will need to enter some details first of all enter the host details in this section you should enter your IP address, now in the next box labelled Login type root and now the last section is session type for this step go to the KDE option if using Kubuntu and choose Gnome if using Ubuntu, once these parts are complete you can click OK.

You have created your session so its now possible to login through X2Go, select your session and enter your root password.

You should now be inside your desktop, like displayed in the image below, Filezilla, VLC Player, Ktorrent, Deluge, Transmission and Firefox are all preinstalled with the icons displayed on the desktop.