How to reboot your VPS seedbox

This guide will walk through the basics on how to reboot your VPS seedbox, this guide is only valid for the VPS plans as we do not offer SSH access on the other plans. First of all you need a SSH client I recommend using PuTTY this program is a standalone executable and does not […]

Download Torrents Automatically with RSS

There is a large amount of content available on private BitTorrent websites these days. Generally you would go to your bittorrent website and look for the torrent you want to download, download the .torrent file and then add it to your rutorrent seedbox for download. You can now automate this process by using RSS feeds […]

Connect to your seedbox with Transdroid

What is Transdroid Transdroid is an open-source free application for android devices, this application is not available from the Google play store but can be downloaded here. The Transdroid appllication allows you to control your rtorrent instance from your android device. The application allows you to add torrents by the URL method, Intergrated search, RSS […]

Increasing FTP speeds By Creating Multiple Archives

Downloading at your maxmium speed through FTP with only one thread is never going to be possible, so multiple threads in your FTP clients are necessary to download at your maximum speed. This is a problem if you only have one file to download for example one MKV file, so you need to create multple […]

How To Add Magnet Links To Seedbox

Magent links have have been around for just over ten years but most people have only just started noticing them, mainly since the PirateBay implemented them. And now that the webs first BitTorrent indexer, which depends solely on magnet links, has appeared many more people may find themselves wondering how these magnet links work and […]

Overview Of The Seedbox Filemanager Plugin

The filemanager can be found on the middle bar inside rutorrent it has many functions which are detailed below. Open Files In Seedbox You can browse and open files in your seedbox download directory. Copy Files In Seedbox Copy files into another folder inside your seedbox download directory. Move Files In Seedbox Move files to […]

Increase FTP Speeds Between Your Computer And Seedbox

This tutorial will explain how to increase the maximum number of simultaneous transfers in your FTP client Filezilla. The first step you will need to click the edit button which can be found inside Filezilla in the top left hand corner. Once edit has been click this will bring up three options you need to […]

HTTP Downloads From Your Rutorrent Seedbox

This tutorial will explain how to download data from your rutorrent seedbox to your computer through HTTP, the HTTP download takes place inside the rutorrent webui. Some ISP’s throttle FTP traffic so HTTP downloads my be the fastest method to get the data from your seedbox to your local computer. On the middle bar you […]

Seedbox FTP tutorial using filezilla

FileZilla is free software so it means you can download it and use it for free. The best place to download filezilla is from the Once you have downloaded and installed filezilla you will be able to launch the program and proceed with uploading and downloading. You will need your seedbox hostname or IP […]

How to use the buttons and tabs inside rutorrent

Rutorrent Top Menu Bar Rutorrent Bottom Menu Bar Rutorrent Tabs The Tab section displays all types of information, outlined below. The general tab displays information for the torrent that is selected. The files tab shows all files and folders for the torrent that is selected, and the download status of the files . You can […]

Stop and start rtorrent inside your rutorrent seedbox

We use rtorrent as our default torrent client, rutorrent is the browser frontend that communicates with rtorrent. Rtorrent can crash for many reasons the most common reason is because there is no available space for rtorrent to save the session, rtorrent cannot function with any available space, so before rebooting rtorrent please make sure your […]

How To Create Torrents In Your Rutorrent Seedbox

First of all you need to click the create torrent button This will open the create torrent box. Now you need to add a directory source for the torrent you want to create you can browse to your source directory like you would on your computer Selecting piece size depends on the size of the […]