Seedbox FTP tutorial using filezilla

FileZilla is free software so it means you can download it and use it for free. The best place to download filezilla is from the

Once you have downloaded and installed filezilla you will be able to launch the program and proceed with uploading and downloading.

You will need your seedbox hostname or IP address, username and password of your seedbox. All of this is contained in your seedbox details email you got from us after your seedbox was setup.

The first box marked host you will need to enter either your seedbox hostname or IP address, the second box marked username you will need to enter your username and the third box marked password enter your password, now the forth box marked port can be left blank as we use the standard FTP port 21.

Once these details are entered you can click connect and you will be connected to your seedbox download directory through the FTP protocol.

Now once inside your seedbox download directory you can right click on any file and folder to rename, delete or download, also in the left hand box is the files and folders on your local computer where you can right click to rename, delete or upload.There is also the function to drag and drop if you prefer.

You will notice the download or upload transfer progress on the very bottom of the screen.