Stop and start rtorrent inside your rutorrent seedbox

We use rtorrent as our default torrent client, rutorrent is the browser frontend that communicates with rtorrent.

Rtorrent can crash for many reasons the most common reason is because there is no available space for rtorrent to save the session, rtorrent cannot function with any available space, so before rebooting rtorrent please make sure your not exceeding your disk space allowance.

It is important that you can start rtorrent yourself in case of a problem. There are two options to start rtorrent, the first option is through rutorrent inside the rtorrent manager, the second option is inside the billing/client area by a reboot button.

How To Reboot Rtorrent In Rutorrent

There is a option to start and stop rtorrent inside your rutorrent seedbox, this can be useful if rtorrent crashes so you can start it yourself without having to submit a support ticket for us to start rtorrent for you.

To access the rtorrent manager you need to click the rtorrent manager button that is located on the top bar on your seedbox.

Once you click this button it will bring up the rtorrent manager box where you can start and stop rtorrent, this is very easy to stop rtorrent click stop to start rtorrent click start.

Please note the restart button only restarts rutorrent which basically refreshes the page, this button does not restart rtorrent.

How To Reboot Rtorrent In The Client/Billing Area

Login to the client/billing area and click the Services tab.

Now click the My Services option, this will bring up a list of all of the services you hav with us.

Now click the view details button of the service you want to reboot.

Now you need to click the reboot button.

The reboot button will kill any instances of Rtorrent and IRSSI and then start a new instance of Rtorrent and IRSSI, please allow 5 minutes for the process to complete.

If you have tried both of these options and you still cannot connect to rtorrent through rutorrent, please create a support ticket in the client/billing area so we can investigate.