Streaming Through The Divx Web Player

The DivX Web Player will stream DivX, AVI, MOV, MP4 and MKVs in your browser.

The first step is to install the Divx Web player, this can be downloaded here.

Once the Divx Web Player is installed and running in your browser, you can then navigate to the filemanager tab inside rutorrent as displayed in the image below.


Once you are inside the filemanager tab you can then navigate to the video file you want to stream, once you find the video file you want to stream you then need to right click the video file which will display a menu you need to select the “View” option.


Once the view option is clicked the video box will load and start to play the video,


Along the bottom of the player there are some buttons which are only visible when you hover the mouse over that area.


The first button on the left hand side of the player is the play and pause button, the next button displays the video time and the time remaining, then the settings button which is only displayed when the player is in the larger windowed mode, then we have the volume control with the option to mute the video, the next button is the windowed mode which toggles between the small and larger video box, then last of all you have the full screen mode.