Streaming Through the VLC Media Player

This guide will walk though the steps on how to stream videos in your seedbox to the VLC media player on your local computer through HTTP.

VLC player is a very popular free media player which plays all codecs MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3 and no codec packs are required, and this program is not packed with any spyware or ads.

The first step is to install the VLC player, the VLC media player can be downloaded for free here.

Once installed open up the VLC player and click the “Media” option in the top left hand corner, clicking this option will bring up a menu where you need to select the “Open Network Stream” option


Now another box will open, on this box you will need to select the “Network” tab.


Now you need to enter the HTTP address of the video file you want to play in VLC.

You can view your files though HTTP at the following location, http://yourseedboxurl/rutorrent/yourusername

VLC cannot play files through HTTPS so the URL needs to be in HTTP format for example the URL will look something like this http://yourseedboxurl/rutorrent/yourusername/my_movie.avi

The easiest way to grab your link is to right click your video file in your HTTP folder and choose the “Copy link location” option in your browser and then paste into the network URL box, once the link is pasted then you can change the HTTPS to HTTP.

Once the video URL has been added you will then need to click the “Stream” button and select the “Play” option, VLC will then request your username and password credentials once these are supplied your video will begin to play in the VLC player.

If you cannot view your files through HTTP, open a support ticket so we can investigate.