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Terms Of Service

While we pride ourselves on the service we offer we know we cannot satisfy every customer every time. We will work with any customer to work out any problems they may have.

Please note its the customers responsibility to cancel the Paypal subscription if they have created one and this can be done through the Paypal website or by submitting a cancellation request in our client area

During the first seven days of your service, you have the right for a refund. This refund is prorated, meaning you will only be charged for the days you used the service plus any additional Paypal transaction fee we incur. All refund requests must be dealt with by contacting our support department via our ticket system.

Chargebacks And Disputes
Once a chargeback or Paypal dispute is initiated we will terminate the service which means all data,settings will be removed and block the customers IP address. If you are unhappy with our service please contact us before starting a chargeback or dispute.

Usage Policy
While using any service provided by us you agree to follow our usage policy.
You agree to not use our hosting services for any of the following and accept that if found to be breaking our usage rules your service will be terminated without warning.
Mining any type of crypto currency
Publicly hosted files
Kodi add-ons and repositories
VOD (Video on Demand) hosting services of any kind
IPTV hosting or sharing
Tor relays and/or exit nodes
Any malware and virus distribution
Warez hosting
Nulled software
Phishing and any form of fraud
Any type of script and or file that tries to interfere with another’s website, server and or home connection (DDoS attacks)
Spam Unsolicited email
Sharing or uploading copyright protected media
Hacking scripts
Uploading to public trackers

Account Setup
While most of our hosting services are delivered instantly they can sometimes be delays this is more common with the dedicated servers, if the delay is going to be longer than 24 hours you will be contacted by one of our sales consultants.

Fair Usage
Our services run on shared resources so it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that their activities do not negatively effect other customers sharing the server.
In all Dediseedbox services, the word “unlimited” refers to an “unmetered” usage, but not without any limits.
We offer a limit of 100TB per month on all of our unlimited plans. Any customer reaching the 100TB limit in one month is not being fair to neighboring users and as a result is in violation of our fair use policy.
We have every right to regain control of the service from the customer without any prior notice. We will not be liable nor responsible for any customer loss out of this arrangement, and there will not be any refund of a customers paid fee.

Back ups and lost data
We do not keep back ups of any of our customers data or settings, hard disks can fail and this is out of our control.

Account Suspension and Termination
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your services without any warning, however this is only done in extreme circumstances.

Services are suspended once the invoice is two days overdue and terminated once the invoice is seven days overdue unless this is your first month where the service will be terminated once the invoice is four days overdue. When a service is terminated all data and settings are removed and the service cannot be reactivated.

Customers who use a different country in their profile trying to defraud their host county of VAT will have their service terminated without warning.

Creating multiple client accounts is not allowed unless prior consent is granted doing so will result in all accounts being closed and services terminated.

Reselling of any aspect of our services is strictly forbidden. Any customer found to be accepting money or other payments in exchange for any sort of access to our services will have the services terminated without warning and not be eligible for a refund.

We retain the right, to terminate any customer that makes threats or is offensive and rude to our support staff, its our duty as employers to protect our staff.

We retain the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse service to any individual, group, or business. We also retains the right to discontinue service without notice for repeated violation of our terms of service. These TOS may change at anytime without notice please check back regularly for changes. Any changes that effect current customers will be given till the end of their current term to come within compliance of any changes.