What is Transdroid

Transdroid is an open-source free application for android devices, this application is not available from the Google play store but can be downloaded here. The Transdroid appllication allows you to control your rtorrent instance from your android device. The application allows you to add torrents by the URL method, Intergrated search, RSS feeds and the barcode scanner. Controlling torrents is also possible inside the transdroid application, you can pause, resume and remove torrents.
Monitoring torrents can be done by the home screen widget or the background alarm option.

Setting Up Transdroid

Once Transdroid is installed on your device you will need to enter the required settings.

Open the Transdroid application and go the bottom of the page to the option “Open Settings” this will bring up another page now on this page you need to click the first option “Add new server”

In your seedbox details email you would of recieved your seedbox URL, username and password you will need to enter the following settings for transdroid to connect your seedbox.

Server Type: rTorrent
IP or Domain name:
Port: 443
Use Authentication: Yes
Username: ***
Password: ***
SCGI Folder: /rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php
Server OS: Linux
SSL: Yes
Accept all SSL Certificates: Yes