Rclone Configuration and Usage

This article will show you how to use Rclone on your seedbox to download/upload to cloud storage providers, this article will focus on Google Drive.

Rclone is a command line (SSH) program to sync files and folders to and from the cloud storage providers listed below.

Amazon Drive
Amazon S3
Backblaze B2
DigitalOcean Spaces
Google Cloud Storage
Google Drive
Memset Memstore
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
Microsoft OneDrive
Openstack Swift
Oracle Cloud Storage
Rackspace Cloud Files
Yandex Disk
The local filesystem

If you want to use Rclone you would need to install the SSH application in the client area at Services > Click the Green Active button > Applications > SSH

Once installed you can find the SSH details through the installed applications page at Services > Click the Green Active button > Installed Applications > SSH Details.

Please note SSH is installed on a custom port not port 22 the custom port is listed in the SSH details section.

You need to login through SSH to use Rclone this can be done through Putty(Windows) and Terminal (Mac and Linux)

Typing “rclone config” without the quotes will bring up the rclone configuration wizard.

Type n to add a new remote.

Now you need to name the remote in this guide I used the name Gdrive

A list of cloud storage providers will appear with a number to the left you need to enter the number to the left of the cloud storage provider you want to use, we are going to be using Google Drive so we would enter 11.

Click return to skip the next two questions this will leave the fields blank.

Scope that rclone should use when requesting access from drive, for this selection you can choose option 1.

Click return to skip the next two questions this will leave the fields blank.

The next question should be answered n because we are working from a remote server.

A long URL will now appear enter this URL into your browser and authenticate your Google account to allow rclone access.

Its now possible to Sync a local folder to a folder on your Google Drive with the following command.

rclone sync /downloads/folder Gdrive:/Media

The download folder is mounted to the /downloads mount point, Gdrive is the name we gave to the remote and /Media is the name of a folder in Google Drive.

The command below copy’s the data from local /downloads/folder to the remote Google Drive /Media folder.

rclone copy /downloads/folder Gdrive:/Media

These folder names are just examples.


Updating Rclone can be done by restarting the SSH application in the client area on the Installed Applications page.

Its essential that you create a client ID if your using Google Drive otherwise your speeds while transferring data or streaming will be slower.

Making your own client_id