Couchpotato is a PVR which can be used for usenet and torrents, just add what you want to watch and CouchPotato will add it to your seedbox when its available.

Each day Couchpotato will search through multiple NZBs & Torrents sites, looking for the best possible match, when a match is found its automatically added to your seedbox.

Couchpotato can be installed in the client area at Services > Active > Applications

Once the install button is clicked Couchpotato will install this process takes around 2 minutes.

Once Couchpotato is installed you can then access the Couchpotato wizard in the client area at Services > Active > Installed Applications and then clicking the “Go to Application” button as displayed in the image below.

First step in the wizard is to add your Couchpotato login details, the port cannot be changed from 5050 so leave this setting as it is.

Username:Enter Your Seedbox Username
Password:Enter Your Seedbox Password
Port:5050(do not change this)

Once you have added the username and password to the Couchpotato wizard you can go to the bottom of the page and click the “I’m ready to start the awesomeness” button.

You will now be to taken to the Couchpotato login screen where you can login with username and password you used in the previous steps.

Now we need to go into the Couchpotato settings these can be found in the bottom left hand corner of Couchpotato, once inside the settings choose the downloaders option.

First we need to enable the advanced setting, disable the blackhole setting and enable the rtorrent downloader.

Go to settings in the bottom left hand corner.

Enable advanced settings in the top right hand corner.

Now go the downloaders page and disable blackhole and enable rtorrent.

When the rtorrent downloader is enabled this will bring up some new settings which are used to connect Couchpotato to rtorrent.

The Host URL can be found in the README.txt in the Apps/Couchpotato folder with your downloads

RPC Url: Leave Empty
Username:Enter Your Seedbox Username
Password:Enter Your Seedbox Password

There is one final setting to add, go the Couchpotato settings and go to the General > Advanced and you need to change the File CHMOD setting to 0777

Please note if adding a folder in the downloader or renamer settings you will need to use the full path.