OpenVPN In iOS

Connecting to OpenVPN in your iOS device is very simple and once setup means that all traffic through your iOS device will be encrypted and you can then surf the internet on your iOS device under your service IP address the same way you would on a computer.

The first step is to install the OpenVPN Connect application which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

The next step is to edit your OVPN config file, this file can be found in your download folder inside the OpenVPN folder, if this folder doesn’t exist or you may have deleted this folder by mistake if you contact support they will recreate this folder and the OVPN config.

Open the OVPN file in a text editor like notepad and remove the following three lines.

ca [inline]
cert [inline]
key [inline]

Once the three lines have been removed you need to save the OVPN config.

Now you need to move the edited OVPN config onto your iOS device the easiest way to do this is to email the OVPN config to your self.


Once you open the email and click the OVPN config you will then be asked what you want to do with this config as is displayed in the screenshot below, you need to select the “Copy to OpenVPN” option.


The OVPN config will now be moved to the OpenVPN connect application, if you click the green + button the profile will then be added to the application.