How To Create Torrents In Your Seedbox

First of all you need to click the create torrent button

This will open the create torrent box.

Now you need to add a directory source for the torrent you want to create you can browse to your source directory like you would on your computer

Selecting piece size depends on the size of the actual torrent.

32kb piece-size (for filesizes under 50MB)
64kb piece-size (for filesizes under 150MB)
128kb piece-size (for filesizes under 350MB)
256kb piece-size (for filesizes under 512MB)
512kb piece-size (for filesizes from 512MB to 1024MB / 1GB)
1MB (1024kb) piece-size (for filesizes from 1GB to 2GB)
2MB (2048kb) piece-size (for filesizes from 2GB to 4GB)
4MB (4096kb) piece-size (for filesizes from 4GB to 8GB)
8MB (8192kb) piece-size (for filesizes from 8GB to 16GB)
16MB (16384kb) piece-size (for filesizes above 16GB)

Now you need to fill in the private tracker you wish to upload the torrent to

Check the private torrent and start seeding boxes

Now click the Create button to start the create process.

This will bring up the create console which shows the progress and status of the process, and displays any problems if they occur.

When this is complete, you will have the option to download the newly created .torrent file which you can use to upload to whatever tracker you created the torrent for.

Please note that its not possible to create and upload to public trackers with our service, unless your service is a dedicated or VPS plan.