Handbrake is a tool used to transcode any video format to different codecs.

When Handbrake is installed its accessed and controlled through your browser.

Install HandBrake through the Applications page.

Once HandBrake is installed it can be accessed through your browser by going to the installed applications page

When you go to the Handbrake URL a password is requested, the password can be found with your downloads in the /Apps/HandBrake/README.txt file.

When HandBrake is installed though the client area two folders are created in your /Apps/HandBrake folder these are named watch and output.

/Apps/Handbrake/watch Videos placed into this folder would be automatically converted.
/Apps/Handbrake/output Coverted video files are written to this folder.

Any video files for example MKV format videos placed into the watch folder will be automatically converted into MP4 format videos and written into the output folder.

The automatic conversion settings cannot be changed.

Handbrake usesĀ  a large amount of resources so each Handbrake install is restricted to four CPU cores and 2GB of memory.