How To Install Resilio And Configure A Folder

Resilio Sync is a data syncing application formally known as Btsync, its available for most operating systems.

Installing Resilio Sync can be done in the client area at Services > My Services > Click the green Active button > Applications.

Once you click the Applications button and you should see the Resilio install button.

Once Resilio is installed it can be accessed at the Installed applications page.

Now look for Resilio and click the Go to application button.

Now you need to configure Resilio, enter a username and password which will be used to login to the Resilio Sync Web UI.

The next step is choose which product will be used for this step select Sync Home.

Now you need to choose a name for your Resilio server, when users connect to this server the name will be visible.

Check the two boxes and click the Get Started button.

You now login to the Resilio Sync GUI with the username and password you used in the first steps.

Now its time to add the Sync folder on your seedbox, you can create folders thrugh the Filemanager tab in rutorrent or in FTP through an FTP client.

Inside the Resilio Sync Web UI click the + image in the top left hand corner.

When the + image is clicked you will be presented with some different folder options some are only available on the pro edition, you want to choose a standard folder.

Now you need to select the folder you created earlier this will be your sync folder.

Choose the folder and click open.

The folder has now been added and you can use the links on other devices to link to your seedbox Resilio Sync folder.